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The level of training needed to be a designer definitely varies by occupation. Industrial designers typically earn bachelor's degrees in either industrial design or engineering. Graphic designers often earn bachelor's degrees in the fine arts, or they go to school for approximately two years and earn associate degrees in graphic design. The other types of design occupations tend to require either associate degrees or some level of professional certification.

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Design work can be fulfilling and financially rewarding to those who want a career with a creative outlet. Visual artists tend to gravitate towards graphic design, because they can use their artistic talents and command a steady paycheck. Design jobs tend to rise and fall with the economy, because design clients span the gamut of different industries. When corporations are short on money, they tend to spend less on marketing and R&D, which are two departments that tend to work with designers.

Designers usually work in creative environments, and usually use computers to aid their design drawings. Graphic designers will work for advertising agencies or in-house company marketing departments. Industrial designers may work with different materials that require machine tools or other heavy machinery to manipulate. Fashion designers often work out of their own studios, while interior designers mainly work inside their clients' homes or offices.

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